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Why Cable Internet is Better Than Dial-up

Back in the day everyone seemed to have dial-up internet. I vividly remember this because of how often I would try to get in contact with a friend in the early days of the internet and either they’d no answer and let the phone ring or you’d get a busy signal.

I remember this so much because of how silly it seems now, nearly 20 years later, with high speed internet service so easy to get. Back then, if you were online you were using up a phone line and it was hard for people to really grasp what was going on because the internet was so new.

Now that seems like a comical concept from a TV show or movie, but that’s how far we’ve come and one of the big reasons that cable high speed internet is so much better than dial-up. First of all, the speed isn’t even comparable with cable being over 50x faster than the best dial-up can offer. Plus, you don’t even need a phone line anymore.

You can still get dial-up service for internet now and it’s cheap, but are you really saving money if you’re spending more time trying to do things on the internet? Time is valuable now, especially with so many web pages being media rich. Most pages now involve high resolution pictures and even auto-play video, which can make browsing the web a choice itself.

It’s clear that cable is by far the better option now, especially if you want to order high speed cable internet today.