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Comparing the Broadband Provider Home Security Packages

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In addition to the numerous security companies competing for your home security business, cable TV service and telecommunications providers have joined in, offering Smart Home technology, which combines home security and home automation. More than an attempt to increase revenue as larger numbers of cable users cut the cord; these security packages take advantage of advances in wireless technology that make the addition a seamless one.

If you are considering a home security package, in addition to the traditional dedicated providers, you may also want to compare the offerings of broadband providers in your area.

CenturyLink Smart Home

The CenturyLink Smart Home security and home automation is a high tech option that is one of the more recent services offered.

We love features like phone support, live chat support, a touchscreen panel that provides a wealth of information, a mobile app for access, web access, text and email alerts.

Extra fees are charged for equipment, installation, and activation. Contracts are for 3 years of service. Plans range from $34.99 to $54.99.

AT&T Digital Live

With AT&T digital live, you can use the security and home innovation it offers with any broadband service. Control your home systems from anywhere. You can also take advantage of existing security systems and wiring in your home with AT&T Digital Live.

We enjoy features like the lifetime equipment warranty, quick response time, versatility, the try before you buy it option, app access, and backup options.

Right now this option is not available everywhere. There is a two year contract for service. Plans range from $39.99 to $64.99 monthly plus a hefty activation fee.

Comcast Xfinity

For home security Comcast Xfinity is focused on reliability, and offers several backup options. Its network is a secure one that you can control remotely. Arm or disarm the system, check sensor function, and more from anywhere. You can add in home automation features as well. It also offers video monitoring with anytime feed for those who want additional monitoring.

Comcast offers text and email alerts, cellular communication backup, battery backup, a 30 day guarantee, and 24/7 monitoring from a UL-certified central security station.

There is however a 2 year contract, and customer reviews about the company are negative. Prices range from $19.95 to $49.95.

Cox Home Security

Cox Home Security takes care of all the things you would expect a home security provider to cover. In addition, the professional monitoring centers have UL listing and are CSAA 5 diamond certified.

Cox has backup in the form of both battery and cellular. You can access the system remotely with a tablet or smartphone for ease of use. It can also be programmed for the home automation tasks. It also has email and text alerts for convenience.

A 3-year contract is standard with this provider, and many have found that pricing and packaging is confusing.

Time Warner IntelligentHome

Remote access and control of the home automation system is one of the coveted features of the Time Warner IntelligentHome. The touchscreen provides you with a variety of information.

Monitoring of the system is handled by a CSAA 5-Diamond Rated emergency response system that connects you instantly to emergency help when needed.

Plans start at $39.99 per month but there are equipment fees in addition.

Another big name in the industry Verizon also started to launch a security system a few years back, but decided not to move forward with it.

As you evaluate which of the many security plans to choose for your home, one of these broadband providers may have the perfect fit for you. An established nationwide company is always a good bet when looking for a provider. Having all the details will help to ensure that you make the best decision possible.

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